The church food pantry provides frozen food, canned and packaged goods to dozens of families in the Gordon area.

According to Pastor Starr Bowen there is a growing need for the mission, probably as a result of continuing high unemployment in the area.

The pantry has completed a relocation into larger quarters at the church, which almost triples the space it formerly occupied. An additional freezer was donated by the city from the Gordon Community Center. This helps to satisfy regulations regarding storage of food, as well as allowing expansion of the pantry to serve more families.

The food pantry operation was recently reorganized to meet standards set by the Tarrant Area Food Bank and to increase accountability to the church council. Most of the food is purchased at special prices from the Tarrant Area Food Bank, which sets rules regarding storage and distribution which must be met by all local food pantries who purchase food from them.

The food pantry also buys some food from other sources and accepts donated cans and packaged goods from individuals and groups who wish to buy the food themselves.

Volunteers from the church and from the local community staff the operation, which is accountable to the church Outreach Committee. Kay Tiblets is responsible for coordinating food distributions.

Consult the church calendar for food distribution dates as well as for work days associated with the pantry. There is always a need for volunteers and for donations. For more information contact the church office.